Thursday, November 7, 2013

Come and listen

It's crucial to share what God has done. It encourages and catapults us into action, praise and thanksgiving. It forces our eyes on Him and clears our vision.
Come and listen. Let me tell you what He has done for me.
Back in the Springtime, I remember a cloudy afternoon. I wanted to go running but knew that rain was coming. I asked Keilah to join and she was happy to accompany me. We made our way to the trail at the end of our neighborhood and began our jog. We both remained silent for a while. Then Keilah said "I hope we get to see a rainbow." And I thought "I sure could use a rainbow." The days leading up to that afternoon I had grown very weary. Life had been tough. Rainbows come after a storm and I was ready for my cloudy days to be gone.
Sure enough, the rain came and we ran back to the car. When we got home Keilah said she wanted to show me something. She got on the iPad and opened up the Gospel Project app, she filtered through options and turned up the volume. She pressed play and it was a song that said "I will keep keep my covenants, between me and you, between me and you" And the background picture was rainbow after rainbow. I cried. I knew God used Keilah to remind me of the covenant He made with me.
About a month earlier, I had been reading the Bible and kept coming across times in the Bible where a woman was about to become pregnant and was told to refrain from alcohol etc. I thought it was strange that I kept finding those verses. I listened, even though I felt a little crazy.  As I read those verses I felt Him telling me that I was to become pregnant.

One Summer morning, Keilah came out of her bedroom and said "Mama, you are going to have a baby boy!" I believed her, I think. That was one week before I took a pregnancy test that blurted out my positive result.

Come and listen. Let me tell you what He has done for us.

I wondered how my role in Lullaby of Hope would change. God sent me my ministry partner, Beth, in April. Her name was like a flashing neon sign. I remember telling God "Okay, I get it. There's something special about Beth." She was hungry to help with Lullaby of Hope. I knew nothing of her, except that we both lost our babies. God asked me to bring Beth alongside me. I wanted to trust God, but was also cautious about allowing her to join the ministry. So, I started to include Beth. She joined me at a conference in June. She brought me a gift with a card to encourage me because she knew I was nervous. She was just the ministry partner that I needed. God knew I needed her and He wanted her. I am ever so thankful that I was obedient to God's prompting. God's work is not meant to be done alone. Watching Beth grow in her relationship with Christ has been a true blessing for me. I am fully confident in her loyalty to God and her desire to be changed by Him. Now, our ministry responsibilities are shared. She and I spoke at a local MOPS group last month. I felt like a proud Mama sitting in the crowd.

The day I spoke at the MOPS group, I realized that the following day would be my baby's first birthday, if she had not stopped growing at 12 weeks. And that I was 23 weeks along with my son and Gracia died at 23 weeks. God is intentional. He makes a point to show you His sovereignty. His loving control for my life, quiets my sometimes nervous soul.

God is making Himself known through reading the Bible, people that surround you, prayer time, your child or spouse, your pain, your thoughts and your triumphs. Take time for the infinite God and listen.  He is speaking to you.

Come and listen, David Crowder Band